Add a little life to your Kitchen

I love interior design. Nothing fills me up more than putting a space together; adding subtracting, moving and changing until it’s perfect.

My golden rule is, if a space just needs ‘something else’ after considerable fluffing, add greenery. Add some flowers, a luscious leafy plant or an interesting succulent – it’s always the final piece of the puzzle for me. And a kitchen space is no different. In fact I love a kitchen overflowing with greenery, so let’s have a look at the ways you can add a little life to your kitchen.

Herbs on hand

Is there anything nicer than adding fresh herbs to your meal? Line them up on the window sill, or get creative with mason jars or wall hung boxes. Whatever the vessel they will add functional life to your kitchen.

The key with herbs is light and water... but not too much water. My rule of thumb is water until the excess starts to drain then re-water once the soils feel dry at fingertip depth. A little rock or shell at the bottom of your vessel for drainage will help too.

Green Wall

But if a herb display is not enough why not go all out with a stunning Green Wall.

Green walls are becoming very popular in New Zealand with loads of companies supplying these ready to hang masterpieces. Low-maintenance plants are strategically chosen for your space. This ensures little upkeep and optimum lifespan of your green gems.

Hang’em up

Hanging plants are back in vogue and there are so many options I don’t even know where to start. From the 70’s vibe macramé hangers to leather and brass combination hangers to wall hung options and even the very funky inverted hangers.

Hanging décor purposely (plants, pendants, artwork) creates interest, height and balance. This macramé hanger perfectly balances the slopping roof in this stunning white on white kitchen. It offsets against the sink/tap and makes the makes the kitchen space feel aligned and harmonious. Greenery especially complements white on white kitchens adding that finishing touch of energy.

More is More

If you are like me and can’t get enough of the green stuff (plants I mean) throw those babies everywhere and anywhere. Pop them on the bench, hang them from the ceiling, cluster them on a shelf. I refuse to believe a space can have too many plants.

These amazing little pots of goodness not only look great but you can reap health benefits by just hanging with them. Studies have shown that indoor plants; improve air quality lowering your risk of illness, boost your moods and even enhance concentration and memory.

Fake it till you make it

But if you struggle to feed and water yourself never mind a plant, there is still one final option; fake it till you make it.

There are an amazing range of faux plants that give the illusion of luscious leaves with the only upkeep being an occasional dust. It’ll be our little secret.

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  • Brendon built and installed our new kitchen, which we love. He consulted with us on the details before installation and found great outcomes for the handles, sink, and drainer grooves, He did an amazing job of incorporating some of our recycled rimu into our kitchen too. He ensured the kitchen was completed to our needs, and a very high standard. He has also provided some fantastic wardrobe designs and installed these, and listens to the customer needs and follows through with a great job.
    Bryce & Rachel
  • I dealt with Brendon and his team from Contrast Interiors for a fairly extensive build after he was recommended to me through Trade connections. His contact was professional, prices fair, and the the result was outstanding. He built our kitchen as well and laundry, 2 bathrooms, and then had some other parts thrown in as well since the result was great.
  • A huge thank you to the team at Contrast Interiors for our beautiful kitchen. We are so delighted with the final result. It not only looks amazing but is highly functional and has been manufactured to a very high standard. Brendon, Monica and the team were fabulous to deal with. We would not hesitate to recommend Contrast Interiors
    Jack & Bronagh
  • A note to say how very thrilled we are with our new kitchen. It is just what we had envisaged when we initially meet with you. Well designed, manufactured and finished. You and your team have all been so easy to deal with, very professional and not to mention delivered on time, amazing!
    Nat & Jason